I set up LK Communications & Copywriting Ltd to help organisations share their stories. To engage their people. To succeed.

Maybe your employees tell you they don’t feel part of your organisation’s story, either because they don’t have effective ways to find out what’s going on, or because they can’t see how their work fits into the bigger picture. Maybe they don’t tell you anything at all. Maybe you’re not asking.

Or maybe your messages aren’t getting through, to your teams or your targets, because they lack impact. They’re not telling your story. And they’re not making people feel like they’re a part of it.

I can help.

I’ve managed award winning campaigns, written award nominated copy and organised engagement activities and events for over a thousand colleagues. I’ve created and overhauled comms channels, audited and introduced processes that were a lot more exciting than they sound, and delivered countless communications strategies and plans.

And I’ve done all these things in alignment with organisational goals. Because if your communications aren’t telling your story, making your people a part of your story, and helping everyone pull together as part of a shared a success story, then, really, what’s the point?

So before we talk comms and copy, I’ll work with you to fully understand your organisation, your brand and your goals. We’ll agree your communications requirements, as well as how we’ll deliver them. I’ll bring you openness, professionalism, my best advice, and, every now and then, some Sharpies and chocolate. I’ll ask you for some honest insights into your organisation, a clear idea of the results you’d like to achieve, and a willingness to do what it takes to get there.  

When I’m not working, I like city breaks, cocktails and live sports, sometimes all at once. I sing when I’m pretty sure no one can hear me and, unsurprisingly, I’m a voracious consumer of stories. In print, on the big and small screen, or squeezed into 140 characters. Because stories make the world go round.

Let’s tell yours.